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Hydro-Logic ARCS Stage 2 Heavy Metal Reduction Cartridge

#741608 ARCS Stage 1 Replacement Poly-Spun sediment filter reduces rust, silt, dirt, sand and sedime..


Hydro-logic Big Boy De-Chlorinator

Big Boy extra high capacity de-chlorinator and sediment filter. High flow rate of 7 gallons per minu..


Hydro-logic Big Boy Garden Hose Connection Kit

Hook up your garden house to both the inlet and outlet of the Big Boy. Use the BigBoy as a stand alo..


Hydro-logic Big Boy w/ KDF85 Catalytic Carbon Filter

Our Big Boy with the upgraded KDF 85/catalytic carbon filter has it already installed. Big Boy extra..


Hydro-logic Evolution RO 1000 UV Sterilizer Kit

Ultra Violet Sterilizer add on kit provides 100% protection against bacteria, viruses, cysts and pat..


Hydro-logic Evolution RO1000 High Flow System

Achieve the highest flow rates from the most efficient RO system on the planet! Capable of producing..


Hydro-logic Evolution RO1000 KDF/Catalytic Carbon Pre-Filter

KDF/Catalytic Carbon Pre-Filter reduces Iron, sulfur, chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. The pr..


Hydro-Logic Evolution RO1000 Membrane

Replace membranes when product water decreases and/or ppm’s increase. Merlin Garden Pro & Evolution-..


Hydro-logic Evolution RO1000 Water Reducer Elbow

Replaces standard Evolution-RO1000 green drain elbow to save 50% of the waste water without reducing..


Hydro-logic Evolution Wall Mount Bracket

Wall mount bracket for the Evolution RO1000. Stainless steel, heavy duty...


Hydro-logic Float Valve 1/2 in Barbed

This float valve comes with a 1/2 in barb fitting. Adjustable water level and can be mounted horizon..


Hydro-logic Float Valve for Big Boy

This heavy-duty, non-corrosive, PVC float valve is a standard bulkhead tank mount unit with a 0.48 i..


Hydro-Logic Float Valve QC 1/4 in

This float valve features a 1/4 inch quick connect fitting and adjustable water level. It can be mou..


Hydro-Logic Float Valve QC 3/8 in for Evolution RO 1000 and Tall Boy

This float valve features a 3/8 in quick connect fitting and adjustable water level. Can be mounted ..


Hydro-logic Flowmaster Flow Meter 3/8 in

Gallonage and filter capacity monitor operates at flow rates between 0.2-2.0 GPM. Accurately tracks ..