Down To Earth

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Down To Earth Acid Mix - 6 lb

A fertilizer blended specially for acid soil loving plants like rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, ..


Down To Earth Alfalfa Meal - 5 lb

An excellent soil conditioner, Alfalfa Meal is a rich source of trace elements and natural growth st..


Down To Earth All Purpose Mix - 6 lb

A gentle, non-burning fertilizer perfect for vegetables, herbs, flowers and container plants, our Al..


Down To Earth Azomite Sr Powder - 6 lb

Slow-Release grade of Azomite volcanic minerals with particle sizes ranging from 4 to 200 mesh. Idea..


Down To Earth Bio-Fish - 5 lb

A nutrient rich fertilizer ideal for heavy feeders like corn, cole crops and tomatoes, Bio-Fish is l..


Down To Earth Bio-Live - 5 lb

A rich, organic fertilizer mix infused with a generous amount of beneficial bacteria and Mycorrhizal..


Down To Earth Blood Meal - 5 lb

A high Nitrogen source, our Blood Meal is guaranteed to promote rapid, green growth. A wonderful fer..


Down To Earth Bone Meal - 6 lb

A wonderful source of Phosphorus and Calcium for flowering plants, trees and ornamentals, Bone Meal ..


Down To Earth Cottonseed Meal - 6 lb

We select only the finest feed grade Cottonseed Meal, which has little or no pesticide residue and c..


Down To Earth Crab Meal - 5 lb

Crab Meal is a superb source of organic nutrients for vegetable gardens and flower beds and is wonde..


Down To Earth Feather Meal - 5 lb

Feather Meal is a great source of slow release Nitrogen that is perfect for heavy feeders like corn,..


Down To Earth Fish Bone Meal - 6 lb

Fish Bone Meal is a marine based alternative to traditional steamed Bone Meal and is wonderful for a..


Down To Earth Fish Meal - 5 lb

Fish Meal is an excellent source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus and is recommended for vegetable gardens..


Down To Earth Granular Humic Acid - 5 lb

A highly concentrated source of humic acids ideal for use on fields, turf and vegetable gardens. Der..


Down To Earth Greensand - 6 lb

Greensand has been used as a soil amendment and conditioner since the early 1700s. Naturally occurri..