Hydro Systems/Reservoirs

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GH WaterFarm 8 Pack

The WaterFarm® 8-pack is eight WaterFarm module units connected to one Controller and integrated 13 ..


GH WaterFarm Complete

This extremely reliable system has proven itself over the last 25 years! Grow one large plant or up ..


RainForest 236 Aeroponic System

Growers can use the RainForest 236 to create a modestly sized nursery. Use this model to propagate c..


RainForest 318 Aeroponic System

The RainForest 318 can accommodate up to eighteen small plants from cuttings to harvest or up to nin..


RainForest 66 Aeroponic System

The Rainforest 66 is a favorite among users who wish to grow medium to large size plants. Vortex® Sp..