UGC Harvest Expo - 2018

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We hope you can join us Saturday September 15th, 2018 for our Harvest Expo at our Topsham location! We are going to be joined by many awesome industry sales reps who will sharing information on all of their great products and maybe even giving away samples! As always at Urban Garden Center we will be offering some amazing sales that will be listed below! These sales will only be valid at our Topsham location, all other stores will be offering 20% off for the day of the event.

Harvest Expo Sales:

Agrobrite 4' x 8 Bulb T5 (FLP48) : $149.99 (MSRP:$249.99)

Phantom DE 750W ( PHDEOK72): $299.99 (MSRP:$564.99)

Phantom DE 1000W (PHDEOK11): $329.99 (MSRP:$569.99)

Sun System DE Boss (906610): $329.99 (MSRP:$549.95)

Sun System LEC Fixture (906236): $299.99 (MSRP:$449.95)

Hurricane 20" Wall Fan (736474):$68.99 (MSRP:$114.95)

Xtrasun 64 1000 Watt Lighting Kit:$199.99 (MSRP:$409.85)

Raptor 8" 1000 Watt Lighting Kit:$269.99 (MSRP:$576.85)

25% OFF Products with a Rep present at the expo!

                                                             20% OFF Everything else in-store!


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