UGC Grower's Expo

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Join us for Urban Garden Center Grower's Expo on Saturday February 9th at the Franco Center in Lewiston Maine. Doors open at 10am and runs through out the day until 5pm. There will be representatives from some of the industry's coolest companies and informative talks given by industry insiders. We hope you can join us! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more details as we get closer to February!


Urban Garden Center Grower's Expo

Where: Franco Center - Lewiston, Maine

When: Saturday, February 9, 2019

Time: 10am - 5pm

5 Comment(s)

Jesse Tannenbaum:
27/01/2019, 01:05:23 PM

How do I register for the Growers Expo? Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Jesse Tannenbaum

Jeannine Levesque:
04/02/2019, 06:09:52 PM

I would like to register 3 people for this event but do not find the link. Where do I need to go ? Please Help. Jeannine

08/02/2019, 05:17:18 PM

I'm trying to get more info on the growing expo in Lewiston do you need to register and does it cost anything. .. thanks shannon

24/09/2019, 04:08:29 AM,

We truly enjoyed reading through this article, its really awesome. I might have a few suggestions though, but dont want to cause an argument :p Anyway, keep up the nice work, and til later!

28/11/2019, 02:46:11 PM

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