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Excess moisture in a commercial space can be dangerous for your staff, damaging to your product, and shorten the life of your equipment. A commercial dehumidifier can lower the risks associated with high relative humidity by actively removing moisture from the area and preventing the damaging effects of excess moisture in the commercial area.  

When it’s time to shop for a commercial dehumidifier, there are a few options available. The option you choose will depend on a number of variables such as the square footage, geographic location, air infiltration, water load, current relative humidity, and desired relative humidity.  

What is Dehumidifier Capacity? 

Dehumidifier capacity refers to the amount of moisture a particular machine can pull from a specified area, but there is a variety of factors to consider. For example, we may size a 155 pint unit in a 5,000 square foot unoccupied storage facility in Boston. However, variables like number of occupants, open water sources, high fresh air intake, or a more humid region of the country may require a higher capacity unit for the same amount of square feet.  

But what is dehumidifier capacity? It’s the  amount of water the commercial dehumidifier will pull from the area within 24 hours at certain conditions. For example, a 205-pint dehumidifier will remove approximately 205 pints of water from the air in one 24-hour period. Capacity is typically rated for 80°F and 60% RH or “AHAM”.  

What to do with the water? 

Most of us have had experience with the 70-pint imported units that can be purchased from Big Box appliance stores. While these units typically don’t pull as much water as stated because the inflated numbers are rated at high saturation conditions, their storage tanks make an inconvenient way to handle the small quantities of water they do extract. Commercial dehumidifiers will typically come with a condensate pump and hose for easy, constant water drainage.  

The condensate hose can be set-up to gravity drain into a floor drain, outside, or reuse. If gravity draining isn’t an option, all Quest dehumidifiers can be outfitted with a condensate pump to transport the water across long distances or even vertically. All of our vertical units come with an integrated internal condensate pump while all of our horizontal units have an optional condensate pump as a factory accessory. Water coming out of the condensate hose is 100% pure water that can be reused in almost all industrial applications. 

Find a Commercial Dehumidifier Now 

Therma-Stor offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of your commercial space. If you’re not sure what capacity you may need or how to configure your water removal or ducting, contact our experts about our HI-E DRY line of commercial dehumidifiers and we’ll help you find the right solution for your space. 

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