Hydroponic Benefits


Hydroponics is an exploding industry that has yet to reach its full potential. The use of hydroponics broadens the ability to garden in small spaces where adequate land is scarce and in arid or barren conditions not conducive to propagation.


Though the benefits of hydroponic gardening are numerous and well documented, the commercial hydroponics industry has yet to truly hit the mainstream. Part of the reason for this is that governments worldwide continue to equate hydroponics with marijuana and have persecuted hydroponics companies accordingly. But as time passes, environmental concerns and a decline in arable land will inevitably foster a global awareness of the advantages of hydroponics for farmers and home vegetable gardeners alike.



Hydroponics is gardening without soil. In hydroponic gardening systems, plants are placed in a growing medium and nutrients are provided directly to the roots. Many people are surprised that plants don't require soil to live, but soil can sometimes be a very inefficient growing medium. Plants expend a great deal of energy growing root systems so they can search the soil for the water and nutrients they need to survive. By providing constant and readily available nutrition, hydroponics allows plants to grow up to 50% faster than they do in soil.


Gardening without soil offers many other benefits:


** Nutrients - Complete control over nutrient balance

** No Yard Needed - Create a hydroponic garden in any indoor space.

** Water-Saving - Hydroponic gardens use up to 2/3 less water.

** Affordable - Get started on a very low budget, and save on any size of project.

** Higher Yields - Hydroponic gardens are far more productive for their size

** Better Results - Hydroponics produces better tasting, more nutritional results.

** Year Round Growing - With hydroponics, you control the season.

** Enjoyment - Your success is all but assured with hydroponics.

** Relaxing - All gardeners tell you the same thing, it is a relaxing hobby.

** Family Experience - A great way to spend quality family time together.



People are enjoying the satisfaction of growing their own food, the enhanced flavor and the saved money they benefit by doing it themselves. "Environmentally friendly" has become a mantra amongst those wanting to preserve our planet and stop the exploitation of the very land we depend upon. With this, many are utilizing the benefits of composting and growing their own food. This trend to protect and sustain our fragile planet is one that will continue to grow in the future. The movement towards a more health conscious society is on the rise, providing an unmeasured opportunity for hydroponics and organic gardening.  


Not only are individuals growing their own food, but restaurants and even grocery stores have implemented their own gardening centers to offer fresh, local produce to their customers. They have heard the voice of the people wanting uncontaminated foods grown in their own community.